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The year was 1933 in Chicago, Illinois. The era of the Chicago World’s Fair, when this Midwest City was the center of the universe. Big bands and jazz greats – names like Duke Ellington and George Gershwin graced the stage and composed their melodies.

And perhaps most notable, the end of Prohibition. The days of speakeasies, rum-running and underground moonshine were about to come to an end.

Just before the end of all this underground alcohol trading and black-market mayhem, two enterprising businessmen named Jerusalem and Rode began creating cocktail mixes in their Chicago storefront for an underground bartender. In the city of Al Capone and Elliot Ness, Jerusalem and Rode weren’t interested in obeying the rules.

Soon named JERO for the two partners, the brand of premium cocktail mixes is America’s most esteemed and oldest. In the spirit of good times and sophistication that was Chicago in the 1930s, we offer these cocktail mixes to you as tribute to all the times in life that libations and mingling with friends and family flourish.


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