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You’re about to discover America’s First Cocktail Mix: JERO. Since 1933, when JERO’s first cocktail mix was unveiled for professional bartenders in Chicago, it has been “The Choice for Professional Bartenders.”

And today it’s available for everyone to enjoy – not just seasoned mixologists – with a new and easy flip and pour cap. Whatever your flavor, be it a minty Mojito or an old-school Manhattan, our products are ready to mix, serve and savor.

Get creative and discover JERO’s wide-array of Bar Basics, Cocktail Flavor Mixes, and Specialties showcased below:

Bloody Mary Mix

Original (1 Liter)

The taste that started the sensation. Compare Jero Original to any other mix – even to “made from scratch” Bloody Mary’s - and see if you don’t agree – this is the only way a bloody mary should be made.

Hot & Spicy (1 Liter)

Some like it hot – for you Jero H&S turns up the heat on the everyday Bloody Mary. Not for the faint of heart (or palate), Hot &Spicy delivers the fire one sip at a time.


Bar Basics

Bar Syrup (1 Liter)

Bartenders love to use this versatile staple, and now you can too. It adds sweetness and thickness – perfect for Cosmopolitans and other cocktails.

Sweet & Sour Ready-To-Use (1 Liter or 1 Gallon)

Use as the foundation for Long Island Ice Teas, Margaritas and more. You’ll delight in the perfect mix of yin and yang.

Triple Sec (1 Liter)

Triple Sec is the key ingredient for all sorts of cocktails. A lightly orange infused syrup that works especially well in Martinis and other specialty drinks.

Grenadine (1 Liter)

Syrup created from pomegranates, this bar basic infuses a touch of ruby red to your cocktails and a nice kick of sweetness.

Cherry Bar Mix (1 Liter)

Use in Cherry Colas or Shirley Temples, or add the sweet taste of cherry to your favorite cocktail.

Sweetened Lime Juice

JERO’s lime juice is something any home bartender can’t do without, whether you are creating a Gin & Tonic or a multitude of other savory libations.


Pina Colada (1 Liter)

Soak up some Caribbean rays with this silky sweet seduction.

Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri (1 Liter)

With or without the Rum, our Strawberry Margarita/Daiquiri mix will make it easy for you to create a frosty vision of sweet strawberry heaven.

Margarita (1 Liter)

A cool blend of flavor that will make you think you’re south of the border.


Manhattan (1 Liter)

Savor this chic urban favorite. It’s sweet, slightly fruity and always sophisticated. Add to Whiskey and ice and you’ve created a New York tradition.

Old Fashioned (64 Ounces or 1 Liter)

It’s “Old Fashioned” because it was America’s first cocktail. On the rocks and with or without some Bourbon Whiskey and you’ll see why this drink has been on bar menus for over 200 years.

Limosa (1 Gallon)

Want an extra lime with that? Limosa is ideal straight-up or as the base for a variety of cocktails.

Lemosa (1 Gallon)

The perfect ingredient for Lemon Drop Martinis or great for any drink where you want a lemon libation.

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